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Erromaka Munduan

Dear Filmmaker:
Find your movie in the list and check the type of error. When it is corrected, notify us by email indicating the title of the film. The movie will not be published until the error is resolved.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
EM Team
email: erronka.munduan @

Title - Error

3 CRAYONS    -    Error private access
40 AÑOS DE REFUGIO    -    Error password
ACERCALÓ A LA GENTE    -    Error password
BALL    -    Error  NO URL film
CAGED (IN) AND OUT    -    Error private access
EL FUEGO ESCONDIDO    -    Error video FH / no  youtube-vimeo
EL JUEGO HUMANO    -    Error video Drive / no youtube-vimeo
EXTRAORDINARIAS    -    Error video FH /  no youtube-vimeo
LA ALBERCA DE LOS NADIES    -    Error video FFW / no youtube-vimeo
LA LIXEIRA - THE INVISIBLES' DIGNITY    -    Error private access
MA TUTTO QUESTO ALICE NON LO SA?!     -    Error private access
MARAVILLAS    -    Error NO Vimeo Calify
NAREE    -    Error private access
PRO Y VIDA     -    Error video
RED WISDOM    -    Error private access
REPUGNANCIA    -    Error private access
SENTIR    -    Error age control
SOBRE VIVIR    -    Error age control
STATUE    -    Error private access
SUNDAY    -    Error video
TCHÉTCHÉNIE 2018    -    Error no spanish subtitles
VULVO AND DYNIA    -    Error private access
WET DRAWING    -    Error video URL
WINOTUAY CHI LEWFU    -    Error video FH / no youtube-vimeo
ZULEMA    -    Error video (Drive) / no youtube-vimeo

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